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  • Provisional Waivers/ Waivers- Perdon

    Not everyone can adjust status in the United States just because they marry a US citizen. If you entered the country without inspection, you may have to apply for a Waiver of Inadmissibility because of your unlawful presence. If you are an immediate relative of a US Citizen (spouse, parent or child under 21) you may be eligible for the new Provisional Waiver.

    Certain criminal convictions and other immigration violations will make you ineligible for the Provisional Waiver. In addition, you will have to establish that your qualifying relative- your US citizen spouse or US citizen parent- will suffer an extreme hardship if the waiver is not granted.  Establishing extreme hardship is not a simple task, and not everyone will qualify.

    If you are in a preference category as the spouse of a Legal Permanent Residence, you may still qualify for a different type of waiver.

  • Deferred Action (DACA)

    Don't get left behind and let this wonderful opportunity pass.  Deferred Action is for those who entered the country before reaching the age of 16 and who were born before June 15, 1981. If you haven't obtained your GED now is the time to do it! You must be currently enrolled in a high school program or have graduated in order to qualify. Some ESL programs may also help you qualify.Take note and stay away from "DACA mills" that hand out diplomas in a matter of weeks- more than likely those programs will not make you eligible for DACA. The basic requirements are:

    1. Entered the US before the age of 16.

    2. Present in the US on 6/15/2012.

    3. Continuously present from 6/15/2007 to the present. (No departures after 6/15/2012).

    4. Your lawful status expired before 6/15/2012 or you entered the US without inspection.

    5. Graduated from high school, obtained a GED, or currently enrolled in a GED preparation, vocational training program, or ESL program. (Not all diploma programs will make you eligible). If you served in the military you may also qualify.

    6. No felonies, "significant misdemeanors" or three or more misdemeanors.

    7. No DWI offenses.

  • Divorce

    Divorce is not easy for anyone. At times, an attorney is the first person who you talk to about this difficult situation. Many people are unaware of the rights they have under Texas community property laws. In additon, you should be aware that there are minimum visitation standards under the law allowing each parent access to their children. Whether you have an uncontested divorce, or need assitance with child support or visitation, the Law Office of Cristina Salazar is here to help.

  • Adjustment of Status

    If you are protected under Section 245(i) you may be eligible to adjust status in the US (get your green card at your local USCIS office). Some spouses of US citizens who came in with visas may also be eligible for Adjustment. Call today to see if you qualify.

  • Advance Parole

    If you have TPS or DACA you may be eligible to travel outside the country. If you currently have DACA, you can travel for humanitarian, educational, and employment reasons.

  • Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence

  • Citizenship Ciudadania

    The new citizenship application is effective May 5.

    El dia 5 de mayo solamente se aceptara el nuevo formulario de inmigracion.

  • Cancellation of Removal

  • Consular Processing Proceso Consular

  • VAWA Self-Petition

  • U-Visa

  • Fiance Visa

  • Green Card Renewal